Dodge Durango Gets A Police Makeover

Dodge Durango Gets A Police Makeover

2012’s Dodge Durango is getting a once over from the police, though not the same kind an OWS protester receives (too soon?)

Videos: 2011 Dodge Charger Vs. The Original General Lee

Old school versus new. The classic versus the young blood.

2013 Dodge Viper Logos Revealed

2013 will bring the Resurrection of Dodge Viper.

Dodge on TV – Archer & His Dodge Challenger

Just when you think product placement and animation are a difficult mix, FX Network’s Archer proves even a cartoon can effect auto sales.

2012 Dodge Durango Achieves ‘Excellence’

Some people say the time of SUV has come and gone. At Dodge, SUVs are just getting started.

2013 Dodge Dart – Live at 2012 NAIAS

Dodge reached back to muscle car roots when naming their Dart concept.

So Long, Dodge Nitro

2011 was a solemn year for Dodge Nitro, as the SUV (CUV? Wagon?) was cut from the auto maker’s line-up.

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge is bringing back Dart, and we’re excited!

Kurt Busch Fired by Penske Dodge Racing Team

Kurt Busch has been fired from the Penske Dodge NASCAR race team.

Ram 1500 Is Canada’s Truck King

Each year, Canada holds a contest to figure out their toughest half-ton truck. This time, a 2012 Ram 1500 pickup becomes the Canadian Truck King.