Dodge Challenger Vapor – The Rolling Jet


Well, it looks like someone is still interested in Dodge, and fortunately (or unfortunately depending on which side of the political fence you live on) it is the US Air Force. Galpin Auto Tuners along with the United States Air Force have come up with an interesting recruitment tool. No, it’s not a video game – it’s an actual automobile. The Dodge Challenger Vapor is half car, half space ship – and all horse power.


The Challenger Vapor features radar-absorbing stealth-black paint, not unlike what is used to mask stealth bombers. The Vapor is set to run almost silently, thanks to “stealth exhaust” – whatever that means. Reminds us of when KITT used to go “Silent Mode” on Knight Rider. You need biometric verification to enter the cockpit via gull wing doors. The driver can view night/thermal vision projections on the windshield while sitting in a compartment that looks like something out of Crimson Tide.


If the driver doesn’t feel like getting out of their bunker he or she can command Vapor from a remote control system (even through internet) modeled after the Air Force’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The car reportedly gets somewhere around 500 horse power – but it’s true specs and top speed are being kept a tighter secret then what’s inside Area 51.


21 Responses to “Dodge Challenger Vapor – The Rolling Jet”

  1. Those are not gullwing doors…

  2. the camera on the top really would mess up the aerodynamics :/

  3. was wondering where my tax $$$ was going so happy to see the air force is keeping busy

  4. Galpin does some incredible work with cars. Unfortunately, this is one of the most BUTT-UGLY Challengers I’ve ever seen! I’ll admit, while the interior and stealth paint are cool, the rest of the car looks like it was rendered by a five year-old during arts & crafts time! This car should be raced into a wall (or something else of similar nature)! The Coach Builders Challenger convertable was nice, but this takes on a whole new dimension of ugly! Galpin, for the sake of your reputation, BURN THIS GOD-AWFUL EXCUSE OF A PROJECT CAR!

  5. Why would the Air Force need a car? They’re supposed to control Air Space, Outter Space, and Cyber Space. Leave the ground to the Army.

  6. Hey Hemi,

    We die hard “American Made” muscle car enthusiasts do realize that some people may not like the American designs and prefer the “high pitched rice burner” styles. We won’t knock your cars so don’t you knock ours. Now go outside and hop in your Yugo and move along!

  7. This is what the new Mad Max car should look like! Not an ad for the Air Force…

  8. The coolest thing on the car is the airforce logo as a auto emblem. The camera looks like a cheap webcam the design is horrible, the interior looks like from a 1950’s sub.. nothing streamlined, no good lines, in other words i have nothing good to say about this project .. ! Its a waist of taxpayers money .. they failed miserably.!!!

  9. “SPLAT” ur stupid im glad my tax money is goin to something this bad ass. go wine about something else pussy

  10. You know, there are worse things that the government uses your tax money for. Forward thinking design leads to new innovation, so I applaud them. I think it looks cool but that camera looks out of place and would mess with the aerodynamics. They could have done better there. Otherwise, I would bet it would win the Cannonball Run.

  11. The Gil on Jun 19th, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    Why would the Air Force need a car? They’re supposed to control Air Space, Outter Space, and Cyber Space. Leave the ground to the Army.

    No. The air force has the Elite of the elite forces in the military. Their special forces are FAR beyond that of Navy Seals which are beyond Army Rangers. Little would you know that all branches have pilots and air space control. The air force just has more of it and its more effective. You would have to actually research this to know but since you OBVIOUSLY didn’t you sit there ignorant. Look up combat control and the Pararescue division. It’ll change your mind.

  12. oh and on the subject of aerodynamic disturbance with the camera think about this, they had the top mechanics in the air force working on that car do you really REALLY think that they wouldn’t compensate for that? look at the top of the car. do you notice the ridges? yeah. i bet you didn’t think about that did you? I’m pretty sure that the fact that one: you wouldn’t even notice the car let alone having an uneducated terrorist noticing it and two seriously? they won’t even release the full specs of it’s engine to the public probably for that reason. what if it has like 750 horsepower or something OH MY GOD THE CAMERA WOULD TAKE AWAY LIKE 4 HORSES jesus thats so bloody much. its still fast as hell so stop complaining about a fucking camera and start looking at the 5 NOS CANISTERS IN THE BACK. I thank you. good night.

  13. yall maybe think that camera might just fold down???!!! ppl can be so fucking dumb sometimes

  14. Bad ass!! This is so my dream car. I want a black RT but this is like my dream on steroids. So hot(:

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